Fans discover Clara Lee used to model underwear for American Apparel

Clara Lee has become a popular model in Korea, but what most fans don’t know is that she started her career as a model doing photo shoots for brands such as American Apparel

Clara is currently a popular model, as well as an actress in movies and dramas. She even got into the K-Pop scene and debuted as a solo rookie idol. And while she’s become quite a high-profile celebrity, many were shocked to discover that she started out in the industry as an underwear model.

After photos of a young Clara surfaced online, fans noticed the resemblance, but the dead giveaway was her unique heart-and-wings tattoo located on her hip.

Clara’s tattoo can be seen on her left hip.

Here’s a closer look at the intricate design.

While Clara indeed looks a few years younger, her tattoo is still there, along with her signature S-line. Check out photos from Clara’s old shoot with American Apparel below!

clara 1

clara 2

clara 3

clara 4

clara 5

clara 6

clara 7

clara 8

clara 9

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