Fans Discover Line About Depression In Book That SHINee’s Jonghyun Wrote In The Past

“He could not imagine meeting this type of brutal depression even in his dreams.”

A 2016 clip from JTBC’s Knowing Bros has been gaining renewed attention in light of SHINee Jonghyun’s tragic death for its reference to depression.


On the show, Jonghyun revealed that his childhood dream had been to become a writer and that he had finally published a book called “Skeleton Flower”.


Originally published in 2015, the full title of the novel translates to “Skeleton Flower: Things That Have Released and Set Free”. The book features many personal stories and photos taken by Jonghyun himself.


When the MCs asked him what the most memorable line from his book was, Jonghyun was hesitant to reveal the line at first, but shared: “He could not imagine meeting this type of brutal depression even in his dreams.


Although Jonghyun laughed it off at the time, many fans now believe it to have been a silent cry for help.

“I re-watched the episode and I feel so stupid for not being attentive the first time I watched it. I’m so sorry Jonghyun”

“When I first saw this, his whole body language didnt seem right to me, and when he said depression my first thought was ‘Could it so bad that he might hurt himself?’ He seems fidgety and is secretly/desperately asking for help without being caught by someone.”

“He was so brave, he talked about mental health in an extremely conservative, judgmental society. He confessed his feelings so many times, but sadly they fell on deaf ears. All he wanted was for someone to notice something was wrong, this was his way of reaching out.”


You did well, Jonghyun.

Source: Instiz and Sports Today