Fans Are Divided In Lee Jin Hyuk’s Unique Fan Meeting System For His New Mini Album

Would you attend this event?

Singer and actor Lee Jin Hyuk, debuted in boy group Up10TION in 2015 and later appeared on Produce X 101 in 2019 and ranked fourteenth on the show. His label, TOP Media, recently announced a special fan event to celebrate the release of his mini album Splash!

The official poster for the event called this meeting a ‘만.통회’ which was short for ‘Meet and Call Event’. This event will be held on August 1 at 2 PM KST.

We will be holding a ‘Meet and Call Event’ to celebrate the release of Lee Jin Hyuk’s mini album Splash! We invite everyone to our new style fan meet of meeting and making a phone call. This event will allow fans to see new and various sides of Lee Jin Hyuk through a large movie theater screen. We hope that you enjoy our new style fan meet of making a phone call with Lee Jin Hyuk and having a special photo time session.

The guidelines for this special fan meeting is as follows:

1. Enter the fan sign event (you may enter only after you have done a temperature check, used hand sanitizer and wearing a mask).

2. Sit down in your designated spot (spots are given out and random and will abide by the six feet distancing rule).

| @LJH__official/Twitter

3. The fan event with Lee Jin Hyuk will begin (the call will be made with your own phone and will last for two minutes). If you are not in your designated seat during your turn, you will lose your chance to talk with him. Lee Jin Hyuk will be shown through the large theater screen while making the calls.

4. When the event is over the call will end automatically. The autographed albums will be handed out by the staff members.

5. After all the winners take their turn calling Lee Jin Hyuk, a special photo time session will begin.

Although an interesting concept, fans couldn’t quite understand why they had to do it in this particular way. To put it short, fans will enter a room and make the call with Lee Jin Hyuk while he is being shown on the large theater screen. While some were thankful that he went out of his way to try and meet with fans in any way possible, some felt that they could have just done the calls at home or put up a plastic screen and held an actual fans sign event.

What do you think of this new method for a fan phone call event? Would you be okay with going all the way to the event to talk on the phone with him while seeing him on the big screen?