Fans entranced with video clip of SISTAR’s Soyou emerging from pool

In addition to the sweet vocals that contributed to her success both as a girl group member and the queen of duets, SISTAR‘s Soyou has been praised for her fantastic body as well. 

In fact, Soyou is often chosen as one of the idols with the best bodies in the entertainment industry by both male and female fans. Even though Soyou was covering up with a large white tank top over her bikini while swimming in a pool, fans were still entranced by the singer’s phenomenal body and aura.

As the SISTAR member stepped out from the pool, soaked in water, fans were blown away not only by her body and proportions but by her seductive aura in the way she walked as well.


Now check out the music video for “duet queen” Soyou’s latest duet below: