Fans Find IZ*ONE’s Introduction In A Japanese Show Problematic

It has something to do with them being a Japanese-Korean hybrid group.

All eyes are on IZ*ONE as they are currently promoting their Japanese comeback “Vampire.” In relation to this, the way a Japanese variety show introduced them is making rounds in the online Korean community.

A group produced by Akimoto.

Yasushi Akimoto is a popular Japanese producer, best known for creating the AKB48 and Onyanko Club idol franchises. Koreans were worried that by introducing IZ*ONE this way, viewers would forget their roots as a K-Pop group.

Others, however, pointed out that IZ*ONE was made to promote in both Japan and Korea as a hybrid group.

Producer when promoting in Korea = Han Sung Soo. Producer when promoting in Japan = Yasushi Akimoto. This was announced before the start of Produce 48. What’s the problem?

– Korean Netizen

They acknowledged that IZ*ONE belongs to both countries.

IZ*ONE is not a Kpop group but the combination of Korea and Japan. I don’t think the introduction of IZ*ONE like that is wrong.

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo