Fans invade NCT Jaehyun’s privacy while he was voting

Despite being asked to not take photos, admins from NCT Jaehyun‘s fansite refused to stop taking pictures of him as tried to vote.

The SM Entertainment artist was followed to the voting area by fansite admins who repeatedly took photos of him even though it is against the rules. The voting staff and the staff that accompanied Jaehyun repeatedly told them to stop taking pictures, but the fansite admins refused.

While swarming celebrities to get the picture is already an invasion of their privacy, taking photos inside of a polling station is usually forbidden as many worry it can threaten the secrecy of the ballot.

Jaehyun waiting in line to vote as the fansite masters take photos of him.

According to one voter who was there, Jaehyun looked visibly uncomfortable with the fans taking his photo and quickly submitted his vote in order to leave as soon as possible.

Jaehyun kept his head down in order to avoid the photographers.

Even after he had finished casting his vote, these fans continued to follow him as he tried to leave the building, calling to their friends that Jaehyun was taking the elevators down, so that they could swarm him as he left.

Source: Instiz