Fans Joke That BLACKPINK Fan Fiction Actually Predicted The Future Of The Group

Is it a coincidence or is there a BLINK with psychic abilities?

BLINKs have been joking that a fan fiction written about BLACKPINK may have actually predicted the group’s future!

The fan fiction in question is called BLACK DAYS, PINK NIGHTS, and was written by the mysterious writer Salty_Sugar. It has been posted in several different places online. The synopsis for the fan fiction is as follows:

What’s gonna happen if a dedicated fan allowed to manage his favorite group?

Protagonist Mr. HardcoreBLINK is obsessed American fan of Korean group BLACKPINK. One day he accidentally becomes CEO of YG Entertainment.

How to deal with complicated intrigues which are raising among idols, staff and envious people? Anticipate a large potion of satiric humor about inner workings of k-pop industry.

“BLACK days, PINK nights” is comedy series which would be interested not only for Blinks, but for all k-pop fans.



Chapter 6, called “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, is the most recent chapter posted. In it, Rosé fights for her solo album. Mr. HardcoreBLINK, the new CEO of YG Entertainment, decides to hold a comeback for BLACKPINK before released Rosé’s solo album.

She won’t because we’ll send her in America to spend a time for collaboration project. Meanwhile we’ll use this time for starting a preparation for comeback. When Rosé will return in Korea to record a solo album, Blackpink’s comeback project will be almost ready. Afterward we can let her to release anything she want. That’s a main point.



YG Entertainment recently announced that BLACKPINK would be having a comeback, followed by the release of the members’ solo projects, starting with Rosé’s!

Source: YGLife

So, what do you think? Do you think this fan fiction predicted the future or is it all a big coincidence?

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