Fans lost it when they saw this video of a barefaced Jungkook

Jungkook‘s barefaced vlog has resurfaced and ARMYs are being blown away by his raw good looks.

Following the trend of fans showing support for their favorite idol’s bare faces, fans have gone back and found a vlog from last December of BTS‘s Jungkook.

The video of Jungkook shows the singer happily talking to the camera, with a totally bare face.

Screenshots of this video have gone viral and are full of comments praising his visual charms.

Jungkook is certainly comfortable with his fans as he lies on his bed in pajamas, showing his natural skin.

He once had many problems with his skin and had become worried about showing it to fans, but it is clear that he takes good care of his skin and there has been a huge amount of improvement over the past years.

Jungkook is one of the most beloved idols for his good looks among not only fans but other idols as well. With makeup or barefaced, he is definitely one of K-pops top visuals.

Check out Jungkook’s handsome bare face in the video below: