Fans noticed Baekhyun’s lips look exactly like this Disney character

Fans have a special ability to notice the small details when it comes to their favorite idols, and this time, fans noticed that EXO‘s Baekhyun looks just like this Disney character!

Fans noticed both Baekhyun and Rapunzel‘s lips seem to be a natural shade of pink and glossy, as well as perfectly cutely shaped.

Both lips have the same shape no matter the expression, and Baekhyun has been praised for his stunning likeness in visuals.

Check out the uncanny look-alike-lips below!

The cute smiles are the same.

Source: Walt Disney Studios

Matching pouty lips!

Source: Walt Disney Studios

Their mouths are so alike!

Source: Walt Disney Studios

It’s almost unreal!

Source: Walt Disney Studios

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