Fans Are Overwhelmed By TWICE’s Sana and Dahyun’s Natural Charisma

“I love Saida so much!”

TWICE has been slaying fans during their showcase and fansign events. We wrote about how Jihyo won fans hearts by finding ways to include Mina during a recent TV appearance and Sana breaking hearts with her epic visuals. More recently, it’s Sana and Dahyun who are out there making fans hearts shake!

While all the members of TWICE are undeniably popular in their own right, the combined visuals of Sana and Dahyun, known as “SaiDa” or “DaSai” when they’re together, was almost too much for ONCEs poor hearts!

With no context provided, this picture made fans heart rates soar as they felt like their “SaiDa” ship was about to sail!

But, it seems the girls were just having a good time being playful with each other and offering fan service to ONCEs in attendance.

Although they appeared to have fun teasing ONCEs, fans couldn’t have been happier seeing the girls being goofy and having fun. The girls are always pulling pranks like this on each other and fans, and frankly, fans wouldn’t have it any other way.