Fans spot Red Velvet Joy’s injured and bandaged knee on stage

Fans were in for a scare when Red Velvet‘s Joy was seen injured in the midst of promotional activities for “Russian Roulette”. 

The SM Entertainment artist apparently was already hurt during last week’s Music Core pre-recording and the recording had to be stopped due to the severe pain she was feeling in her legs. Her appearance at the group’s fan sign event also had to be cancelled immediately. Fans are currently concerned and worried if she would be well enough to continue performing with her injuries.

Based on several fanaccounts, Joy was not able to hide her pain during the numerous music show’s rehearsals and the actual performance. However, she still managed to smile and reassure her fans. After the prerecording, Joy was even sent to the hospital for a check-up.

This week, the girl group member still has not recovered fully as she showed up with her knee bandaged at SBS MTV‘s The Show. However, she still showed her professionalism and performed with the group while sporting a dark blue bandana above her bandage knee. This is not the first time Joy is experiencing stage mishaps; a video of her allegedly getting electrocuted by her in-earpiece had gone viral in May.

Image: Red Velvet's Joy spotted with a bandaged knee / SBS MTV Recording
Image: Red Velvet’s Joy spotted with a bandaged knee / SBS MTV
Image: Red Velvet on SBS MTV "The Show" on September 20, 2016
Image: Red Velvet on SBS MTV “The Show” on September 20, 2016
Image: Red Velvet Wins #1 on SBS MTV's The Show/ SBS MTV
Image: Red Velvet wins #1 on SBS MTV’s The Show/ SBS MTV

Red Velvet also won three music show trophies so far for their current title track “Russian Roulette”, twice on The Show and once on Show Champion. Joy was even seen smiling and waving at the fans, while also playfully dancing with the rest of the members on stage.

Get well soon, Joy!

Source: InstizMaeil_zzang