Fans Thought BTS Jin Was Dating This Idol Because Of Their Close Friendship

It’s not unusual for idols to spend time with their friends when they have some free time, but these two idols may have gone past that point.

Idols generally spend their free time relaxing and mentally preparing themselves for their next schedules. But while some idols prefer to sleep in during vacation, and some spend time working on music, VIXX’s Ken and BTS’s Jin have been spending a lot of quality time together.

In fact, the two are seen together so often that fans have started to joke that the two of them might actually be dating. Many pictures having been posted to Twitter by Ken.

Haven’t posted a photo in a while! Handsome Jin~>< Stylish gentlemen~kekekeke?”

Dinner with Jin~~~~~>< Have our Starlight babies had a delicious lunch~~~nom nom~~~~~ heart <3


Jin laying against Ken
Jin leans against Ken’s lap at Idol Champtionships

Ken and Jin
Ken getting out of his car

Ken and Jin
Two friends meeting before a busy schedule

Ken and Jin hugging
Ken and Jin share a pre schedule hug

Ken and Jin talking
Jin whispers sweet nothings to Ken

Ken and Jin under a jacket
Ken must protect his friend from the rain

Ken with friends
These friends take a cute selca together

Source: Nate