Fans Trend #YGisWorthless, Furious That B.I. Has Yet To Be Credited For His Song

B.I is still not listed as a composer.

Fans are furious that YG Entertainment has yet to fulfill their promise to credit former IKON member B.I. for composing and writing the song “Worthless,” performed by Eun Ji Won.

Eun Ji Won released his album “G1” on June 27. IKONICs were quick to point out that track No. 4, otherwise known as “Worthless,” sounded the same as the track that B.I. had previewed in V-Live. However, his name was not credited on the track list.

In response to this, YG Entertainment explained:

B.I’s name was not included on the track list due to his personal request, but he will be registered to the Korean Music Copyright Association as a writer of ‘Worthless.’

– YG Entertainment

However, it has already been two months since YG made his promise and no action had been taken since then. Fans have decided to call YG’s attention to the matter by trending “YGisWorthless” on Twitter.

They emphasize how much effort B.I puts into each track, treating them like his own children.

IKONICs vowed to stand by his side all the way.

In the end, all they are demanding is for YG to keep his promise.

What do you think of YG’s delay in crediting B.I?