Fans Wanted BLACKPINK’s Jisoo To Play This Webtoon Character… Until They Saw The Author

She looks shockingly similar to the protagonist.

“True Beauty” also called “The Secret of Angel”  —by Yaongyi— is currently one of the most popular webtoons (a subgenre of manhwa that are published exclusively online as Web Comics, usually on comic hosting sites) in and outside Korea.

The story narrates the life of an average looking girl called Lim Jugyeong, that after watching beauty videos on YouTube, becomes a master of make-up, she then blossoms into one of the most beautiful girls on her school thanks to her make-up skills which makes her popularity increase wildly overnight.

Extremely popular with teen girls, the identity of the author was unknown for most of her readers. Until now.

Yaongyi is not afraid of sharing pictures of herself on Instagram, where everyone could notice that she looks exactly like the protagonist of her webtoon.

With her face and her hourglass body shape, people have been commenting that she must have draw the webtoon while looking at a mirror and that “True Beauty” has to be an autobiography.

A few days ago it was revealed that True Beauty is going to make it’s drama debut, and fans of a number of actors and idols were thinking who could be the best to play the part of the protagonists. BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has been fan-casted to play the role.




Source: PANN