Fans Worried For Gugudan Mina’s Health After Seeing How Skinny She Is In This Picture

Netizens think Gugudan’s Mina is going a little too far with her dieting and want her to stop now.

She gained her enormous popularity and support from her trademark chubby cheeks during Mnet’s Produce 101, which landed her a spot on the I.O.I at the end as a result.

Some fans were criticizing her fuller figure and asked her to lose weight to look lean and slim while dancing, and she listened to them.

Gugudan Mina lost a lot of weight after her diet

However, Mina seems to be getting slimmer and slimmer each time Gugudan makes a comeback, and her thin figure reached a point of concern when the group recently returned with “Chococo”

When Gugudans performed at SBS MTV’s The Show on Nov 1, Netizens pointed out how  Mina has lost her chubby cheeks and she’s looking very thin overall.

Mina was criticized for her healthy figure during her early Produce 101 and I.O.I days, and the fans are wondering if the pressure of keeping the weight off is catching up with her.

It was revealed that Mina lost a total of 13kg (28.7 lbs) from her strict diet.

Fans are claiming that they miss her chubby cheeks and she does not have to worry about keeping the weight off to the extreme.

“I think she’s too skinny now”


“Mina, Let’s eat some food now”

” Why did she lose all that weight for? “

Source: MLB Park

Fans just hope that Mina is keeping her health as the main priority because she is beautiful no matter what!

Source: Nate