Fansite Master Who Scammed Fans And Disappeared Gets Sentenced To Prison

Have you ever been scammed by a fansite?

Recently, a hot topic on Korean SNS was the story of how a fansite master was sentenced to prison after fans sued her for theft. In South Korea, this is considered a rare but victorious event.

According to the netizen who shared the story, the fansite in question is known as Mellifluous_ws or LoveEffect1027_. The incident occurred from September to October of last year, and around ten people were scammed when they ordered merchandise that never arrived.

After realizing the girl closed her fansite and ran away with all their money, they decided to gather together and sue her.

The arduous process—which included identifying and finding the girl—took many months, but the fans finally received good news two days ago. According to the message they received, the fansite master was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison starting from May 22, 2020.

Those who heard the story expressed anger over the scammer’s actions, asking that people not live like that.

I hope that the people who think to do these kinds of scams to fans stop considering it. There are a lot of people who sell their things and disappear. Please don’t live your life like that.

– Netizen

Many netizens shared their own stories about buying merchandise from a fansite only for it to close down soon afterwards with their hard-earned money. Even if they are reported and shut down, the fansite masters simply create a new account.

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Source: theqoo