Father hires thugs to threaten his teenage daughter’s bullies

A couple of female students were bullying this one girl, so her dad threatened them by bringing thugs to the school. Thanks to his actions, he had to serve jail time.

A couple of middle school students decided to bully a girl by sharing pictures of her body parts to other classmates without the girl’s permission. The girl was said to have been suffering for two years due to their irresponsible actions. Angered, the girl’s father hired six thugs to take revenge for her daughter.

The father and one of the thugs broke into the principal’s office threatening him to gather the bullies while the other five thugs stood by the main gate. When the principal refused to give in, the father barged his way into the bullies’ classroom.

The father forced the bullies to kneel and threatened to beat them. They stopped once the police came onto the scene. The Ulsan District Court sentenced the father to a year in and the thugs to between 8 months and a year in prison.

“Although the girl may have been bullied by the students, the alleged harassers have also been insulted and threatened by the girl’s father and his friends. The students still shed tears when they recall the unforgettable trauma.”

— Ulsan District Court

Source: koreatimes