A Fellow Seoul National University Student Revealed What Kim Tae Hee Was like Back in College

The fellow student used to see Kim Tae Hee all the time around the college campus.

A teacher and former student of Seoul National University named Lee Ji Young uploaded a video titled, “What I Noticed About Kim Tae Hee Back in College“.

Lee Ji Young explained, “I went to the college of education at Seoul National University, and Kim Tae Hee was at the clothing and design building next to mine, so I saw her a lot.

She continued, “We weren’t that close, but we studied at the library together before. I saw someone pretty in front of me, and it turned out to be Kim Tae Hee. We even took an elective together once. The guys at school were crazy about her.

According to Lee Ji Young, Kim Tae Hee wasn’t a top star back then, but she was still famous because of a commercial she starred in.

She also shared, “We once went to the washroom, and I looked in the mirror to check my face. But I turned into seafood. I was wondering why I looked like a squid, and then realized that Kim Tae Hee was in the mirror beside me. My face isn’t that big, but Kim Tae Hee’s face was 1/3 the size of mine.

Lee Ji Young concluded, “So imagine how small her face was. And her eyes took up half of it. She looked like a doll. Really pretty. It was as if she was a fairy next to a troll and a goblin.

Source: Dispatch