Female idols are all getting Ariana Grande’s signature hairstyle

Ariana Grande‘s half-ponytail hairstyle is so popular that these Korean idols have started to adopt it into their look as well!

The American pop singer has rocked this hairstyle so often that it has become iconic. Now it seems that these female idols in Korea are have picked up on the trend as well.


Ariana is also known for her kitty cat looks, and it looks like this inspired Tiffany here as well.

TWICE Jihyo and Tzuyu

Jihyo’s hair color is similar to Ariana’s here!
Tzuyu also rocked this hairstyle recently during their “Knock Knock” promotions.

G-Friend’s Yerin

This hairstyle looks great on Yerin!

Lovelyz Jisoo

Jisoo’s outfit is totally giving out vibes from Ariana’s song “Problem”.

Oh my girl’s YooA

The half-ponytail look makes YooA look like an angel.

Source: Dispatch