These five celebrities look exactly like I.O.I members

It seems like almost every idol has a celebrity doppelganger these days!

Although the members of rookie girl group I.O.I have been praised for their unique beauty, apparently that’s not the case. In fact, media outlet Dispatch recently released a list of five Korean celebrities who could pass off as the group members. Perhaps with a little makeup and stage outfits, the five of them could form an I.O.I cover band or even act as stand-ins for broadcasts!

Check out the list of I.O.I and their uncanny celebrity twins below:

Yoojung and Son Yeon Jae

Both girls are very petite and full of energy

Sejeong and Chun Woo Hee

There eyes look almost identical!

Somi and Ida Daussy

Somi does bear somewhat of a resemblance with the French-born Korean broadcaster

Yeonjung and Ra Mi Ran

The similarities between Yeonjung and Ra Mi Ran were even brought up on an episode of Unnies!

Sohye and Lee Jong Suk

They both have such adorably wide smiles

Are there any other I.O.I doppelgangers in the entertainment industry?

Source: Dispatch