Former EXO Member Kris Wu Got The Youngest Daughter Of A J-Pop Icon To Co-Star In His Latest MV

She’s wildly popular in her own right as a model.

Former EXO member Kris Wu‘s newest MV features the second daughter of J-Pop icon Kimura Takuya, known as Kimutaku to fans, from the hugely popular 90s boy group SMAP.

Mitsuki “Koki” Kimura is the youngest daughter of the legendary Japanese actor and singer. At only sixteen years old, she is already a hugely successful fashion model and has over 1 million followers on her Instagram account.

Kris, who was formerly a member of the popular group EXO, is now a solo singer and actor based in China. On November 6, which was his 29th birthday, he announced the release of his newest single “Eternal Love”.

As for Koki, Kris praised her presence saying, “she had a very special and unique aura.

Watch the music video for “Eternal Love” below:

Source: wowkorea