Former Girl Group Member Revealed How You Can Tell That Idols Are Dating At ISAC

She’s no longer an idol, so she spilled all the tea.

As a former member of disbanded girl group Blady, Tina, now Soobin has first-hand knowledge of what happens during the Idol Star Athletics Championships and shared insider details about it.

One of the topics she shared was how idol couples can be spotted at the event. In particular, she remembered an incident between one of her group members who was dating a male idol from another group at the time.

Before they both went to ISAC, they had the choice of either talking to each other casually like they were friends or simply not interacting at all to hide their relationship. The couple chose not to interact at all, but this ended up being more obvious that they were dating.

Not only could Soobin notice the member constantly making eye contact with her boyfriend from the boy group but the rest of her group noticed as well. And, this made Soobin come to the conclusion that it’s more obvious that couples are dating when they’re trying hard to keep it secret.

In the process of sharing her experience, Soobin gave two possible ways of spotting idol couples at ISAC. Listen to Soobin’s story here and find out more insider information about the event.