Former IZ*ONE Member Kim Minju Spotted Wearing Her IZ*ONE Ring

Minju keeps IZ*ONE and WIZ*ONEs close to her heart.

In recent photos uploaded to her Twitter, WIZ*ONEs spotted former IZ*ONE member Kim Minju wearing her IZ*ONE ring.

Kim Minju | @minju_official_/Twitter
Kim Minju wearing the IZ*ONE ring on her ring finger

For IZ*ONE’s second anniversary, WIZ*ONEs gifted all twelve members a personalized ring. The design is meaningful to both the members and fans of the group, as it is supposed to symbolize the twelve members having become one.

Since the rings were gifted to the members, they have frequently worn them, both while they were still promoting as a group.

As well as after IZ*ONE’s disbandment. Many members are often seen wearing their ring, showing that even though they may no longer be actively promoting as a group, they will still always be a part of IZ*ONE.

These recent photos are not the first time Minju has worn her ring either.

She currently is an MC at MBC‘s Music Core with NCT‘s Jungwoo and Stray KidsLee Know. WIZ*ONEs have speculated that a ring Minju is always seen wearing is actually the IZ*ONE ring, especially when Minju switched the hand her ring was on to be more visible while holding the mic.

Still, fans were incredibly touched to see Minju’s recent update. And can take comfort in the fact that while we all miss IZ*ONE, the members will always support each other.