Former Secret Member Hyosung Empathizes With Fans Struggling With The Rise And Fall Of Dogecoin

Dogecoin is haunting us all.

Recently, Dogecoin has been a big conversation online. Dogecoin is a form of cryptocurrency that was originally created as a joke but boomed in sales. Its logo and namesake is after the popular “Doge” meme from around 2013 that is a Shiba Inu looking silly. Cryptocurrency is a difficult topic, but in its simplest description, it’s basically just “internet money.”

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It has been a huge topic in recent years as Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla and one of the richest people in the world) stated that he might be investing in it soon. Causing mass demand of the currency.

Recently, former Secret member Hyosung started a conversation on Twitter about Dogecoin and how she was struggling with the ups and downs of its worth. On May 12, she tweeted a video of her talking to a fan about the recent surge of Dogecoin.

At this, her fans confessed that they lost quite a bit of money from the drop in value of Dogecoin.

Hyosung replied, confessing that she also lost money. However, she explained that she backed out early when she noticed the value dropped after she bought it and didn’t lose as much money as she would if she waited.

Unfortunately, her fan decided to hold on and ended up losing more money as Dogecoin’s value dropped even further.

She tried to comfort her fans by saying, “I lost too. Is that comforting? But I cut ties right away… Dogecoin taught me about life.” To which her fans began joking about their losses.

  • You betrayed us.”
  • “I was the only one who lost a lot.”
  • “You tricked us.”
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