Former SM Rookie, Hansol, Thanks Suho and Kai On His Album 

He still loves them.

Hansol may have re-debuted with The Unit’s UNB this year, but his heart still goes to his seniors at SM Entertainment.


He used to be a trainee at SM Entertainment and was even a part of SM Rookies. Fans found out Hansol dedicated a message to EXO‘s Suho and Kai on the ‘Thanks To’ portion of his album release with UNB.


Suho and Kai were the only SM Entertainment artists to be mentioned on the album. He even mentioned them by their real names, surprising fans as their friendship was not often publicly disclosed in the past.


Fans speculated that the three artists were close behind the scenes especially with dancing as their main interest. Take a look at their interaction at SMTOWN Shanghai back in 2014.


Hansol ended up leaving SM Entertainment and signed with J FLO Entertainment, debuting in the group NEW KIDD. He later joined The Unit, where he went on to be a member of UNB.