Former Stray Kids Member Woojin Updates Fans And Reveals His Next Steps In First Instagram Live

He addressed fans’ worries and teased new things to come.

Nearly half a year ago, back in October of 2019, JYP Entertainment announced Woojin‘s departure from Stray Kids and the termination of his contract. Other than reportedly uploading a letter in a group chat for fans, Woojin hadn’t said anything at all—even on his newly opened Instagram account where his posts didn’t have any captions.

Since fans expressed their worry for his well-being, Woojin finally addressed them in his first-ever Instagram live. To make sure even more people would be able to understand his words, he took the extra step of uploading it with English subtitles.

Woojin had seen all the comments that fans left on his posts, asking him if he was doing well and taking care of himself. He’d wanted to respond to them the best way he could, “I’ve been thinking about how to let you know how I’m doing.” That’s why he made an announcement of the Instagram live.

He revealed that he’d taken the time to focus on developing himself: “I practiced a lot. I worked out a lot as I posted on SNS. That’s pretty much it about how I’ve been doing recently.” Before settling into this routine, he’d done even more to get himself together and center his thoughts.

Woojin pointed out that he’d taken time away. “Before that, I’ve been traveling to organize my thoughts and to take a rest. I went on a couple of trips. And, these trips helped me a lot. I enjoyed it. I went to beautiful places, so I took lots of photos.”

While the live had been to comfort fans and update them on how he’s been doing, he also revealed that he’s been working on something. “As you can see, I [have] hair care and makeup. It’s because I did something today. What did I do? It’s a secret. I will let you know soon, but it’s a secret.”

To avoid spilling too many spoilers, Woojin shared that he’d been practicing singing and working on new music. “I’ve been making something new because I had a goal to make my own songs.” He also mentioned all the beautiful fanart that fans had made, saying he would be using them for a future project that would soon be announced.

Since it was his first Instagram live, Woojin kept it short and ended it by thanking the fans who’d continued to stick by him and support him. “First of all, I thank fans [for] waiting for me. I will present many things to return your support. Please support me now and forever.”

Watch Woojin soothe fans’ worries and tease new things on his new path forward here.