Former YG Creative Director Believes The Future Of K-Pop Depends On BLACKPINK’s Lisa And NCT’s Mark

He believes that they should be the global leaders of K-Pop.

Former YG creative director SJ “SINXITY” made a post on Instagram explaining his reasoning as to why BLACKPINK’s Lisa was one of the best artists of this generation.

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Lisa는 엔터테인먼트 산업이 배출해 낼 수 있는, 이 세대의 최고의 아이돌/아티스트임이 분명하다. 모든 제작자가 꿈을 꾸는. 재능/실력/매력/노력/인성/성격 모든 스탯이 거의 만점에 가깝다. 연습생 시절 그녀의 월말평가는 항상 경연이 아니라, 혼자 공연이었다. 그 누구도 평가하지 않았다. 감상을 말할 뿐. 가족들과 멀리 떨어진 서울에서 어린 소녀의 성장기는. 대단하고 아름답다. 마크를 보면, 리사를 보면서 느꼈던 많은 것들이 느껴진다. 무대 위에서 컨셉에 맞는 눈빛 손짓 춤선 그 모든 것이 너무 훌륭해서 개인캠이 아닌데도 focus되는 느낌. 그런데 무대 아래에서 느껴지는 다른 모습들과 아우라 또한 비슷하고. 지독한 재능충이면서 노력충인 부분까지도. kpop 아티스트 중 인스타그램 팔로워가 1위인 Lisa지만 아직도 아직도 저평가 되어있다고 생각하고 upside가 많다고 생각한다. 심지어 아직 솔로 앨범을 낸적이 없다. 이건 마치 YG가 로또 당첨되었는데 아직 은행에 찾으러 가지 않은 느낌. Lisa 하나로 YG의 value는 10조의 가치가 있다고 생각한다. Lisa보다도 Mark는 너무나 저평가 되어 있다고 생각한다. NCT의 거의 모든 유닛에 속하면서 어울리지 않는 이미지 부터 너무 다양한 이미지를 보여주면서 마크 자체의 브랜딩이 잡히지 않은 느낌. 그럼에도 이미 마크의 팬인 사람들은 운이 좋거나 보는 눈이 있는 것으로. . “7감때의 마크를 확대 재생산 해주세요. 에스엠. DNA에 장착된 본능적인 swag와 본인 파트가 아니어도 시선을 잡아먹는 1초 1미리 1코마 1프레임의 마크를… 좀 덜 실험적인 비주얼로 부탁드립니다. “ 암튼, kpop의 미래는 이 두 아티스트에게 달려있다고 보고, 이 둘이 각각 수퍼볼 무대에 서는 그날이 꼭 온다고 본다. #개인의취향 #사적인이야기는일기장에

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He left a lengthy post on his page by stating his opinion that BLACKPINK’s Lisa and NCT‘s Mark were two K-Pop artists who were highly underrated.

It is clear that BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the best artist of this generation that the entertainment industry can produce. She is every producers dream. She has talent/skill/attraction/effort/personality. All her stats are nearly perfect. During her time as a trainee, he monthly evaluations were not contests but a performance in itself. No one rated her performance but rather enjoyed it. The growth of a young girl far away from her family and alone in Seoul. It was amazing and beautiful.

He felt that they had the talent and destiny of a star and that it could be seen on stage.

When I look at Lisa or Mark, I felt a lot of emotions. On stage, they perform to match the concept with all their gestures being on point. Even though it wasn’t a personal cam, it felt like it was because I would always be focused on them. Off stage, although they are different, the aura is the same. Although she is a natural-born talent, you can still see her efforts.

He hopes that their companies would use them in the right way in order to brighten the future of K-Pop.

Although Lisa is the number one followed K-Pop artist on Instagram, she is still very underrated and there are many upsides. She hasn’t even released a solo album yet either. It feels like YG has won the lottery but hasn’t been to the bank yet to receive the money. She could make YG worth 10 trillion KRW (~8.2 billion USD).

I think NCT’s Mark is even more underrated then Lisa. He is a part of almost all the unit groups of NCT and does concepts and images that don’t match him well. Nevertheless, fans of Mark are really lucky or have good taste. ‘Please increase Mark’s production value by 7 times. Creativity and swag are a part of him and even when it’s not his part, he captures every second, comma, millimeter, and frame. Please lessen the experimental visuals.’

He also hopes that they will perform on the Super Bowl one day and become global leaders of K-Pop.

Anyway, I think the future of K-Pop depends on these two artists and I believe that the day will definitely come when they both stand on the Super Bowl stage. #individualtaste #personalstoryinjournal

What do you think of his thoughts? Do you agree?