Here Are The Funniest Members In Super Junior, As Chosen By The Members Themselves

They picked these four members without hesitation!

Super Junior as a whole is known for being one of the funniest groups in the K-Pop industry, but who is their funniest member? In a recent interview with Seventeen, the members themselves revealed their top picks.

Kyuhyun chose Ryeowook, Ryeowook and Yesung chose Leeteuk

…while Eunhyuk and Siwon chose Shindong and Shindong chose Siwon.

Eunhyuk explained that he turns to Shindong whenever he is feeling down because he has the power to instantly make him feel better.

Really, even if I’m not feeling great, if I talk to Shindong just a little bit, I immediately feel better. He’s so funny.

— Eunhyuk

Siwon added that another thing that makes Shindong so funny is his unique way of thinking.

Shindong, you’re different. The way you think is also quite different.

— Siwon

In Shindong’s perspective, he cracks many jokes because his members make him want to be funny.

I think because the members think I’m funny, I start wanting to be funny. I’ll think, ‘Oh, should I be funny here?

— Shindong

Shindong, on the other hand, picked Siwon as the funniest member because of how random he can be at times.

I picked Siwon. Out of all the members, he can be the most random. Siwon is very proper, but a bit random—very unique. [He’s] special.

— Shindong

In a separate room, Yesung chose Leeteuk because of his off-screen humor.

Oh, Leeteuk, you’re the funniest when we’re off camera.

— Yesung

Finally, Kyuhyun revealed that he picked Ryeowook because he has a sense of humor that is hard to come by.

For me, Ryeowook is a type of funny that’s hard to come across. I think he’s a really funny character.

— Kyuhyun

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