The Future Of KBBQ: Check Out This Next Generation Grilling Gadget From Korea

“Look how far civilization has come, LMAO.”

If you know, you know. South Korea offers some of the most amazing things on the face of this planet: K-Pop, facial mask sheet, and samgyeopsal.

NCT 127 having KBBQ. | BuzzFeedVideo/YouTube 

And if you’ve had the pleasant experience of dining at a KBBQ restaurant…

“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” | MBC 

… you know that the grill has to be switched out every once a while. It prevents the grill from having all the grease burnt on — but more importantly, especially in the case you’re BBQing different types of meat, it prevents the flavors from being mixed.


While shouting “imo!” (auntie, a friendly term for addressing older female waitresses) across the hall and asking for that grill change has a unique excitement of its own…

BTS’s Jimin. 

… you have to admit, having to request it every time does get frustrating. Worry not though, KBBQ addicts! The future of grilling is here.


This automated gadget — by the name of Bongdori (봉돌이, rotating rods) Grill — allows diners to keep it cookin’ at the click of a button, without having to manually switch out the grills!



The fact that the individual stainless steel rods come apart for easy cleaning makes this futuristic KBBQ grill even more attractive for restaurant owners and diners alike!



And no, you’re not the only one totally mind blown by the idea behind Bongdori Grill.

BTS’s Suga (left) and Jin (right) having KBBQ. 

KBBQ-lovers everywhere are celebrating this game changing “21st century magic“!

Mmmmm… Who’s hungry?!

Source: Wadiz and THEQOO