f(x) Luna just shared her bikini pics on Instagram

f(x)‘s Luna shared photos of her in a new bikini and fans are going wild at how beautiful she looks!

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The photos were taken while Luna was relaxing after filming for an episode of the TV Show, The Man Who Stops The Carrier.

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Once filming was done, Luna took the opportunity to hit the beach for some well-deserved play-time!


From the looks of these adorable photos, she definitely had lots of fun!


A producer for the TV Show also shared a video of Luna enjoying a beachside meal on a boat.

The show Luna’s filming for stars H.O.T’s Tony An as the MC and host.

While filming, the cast and crew were able to enjoy a cute little picnic on the beach!

They wrapped up the shoot at night, having dinner spread against a gorgeous Guam sunset.

Fans can look forward to seeing Luna’s episode on May 27th!