Sulli Sewed 3 Shirts Together and Modeled It on Her Front Yard

It was unique, to say the least.

On March 3, Sulli proved to have a unique fashion sense by uploading two videos of herself sewing her own dress out of 3 t-shirts and then modeling it in her front yard.

In the first revealed footage, Sulli can be seen using a sewing a machine to attach a peach-colored shirt to a blue-colored shirt. The focused look on her face proved that she meant business.

After that, Sulli shared another footage of herself, but this time, she was wearing the dress that she had created and flaunting a model walk with a bright smile on her face.

It seemed as though her reformed dress was made of 3 t-shirts sewed together, and the blue t-shirt hung low with the sleeves still attached which gave the look a very unique flavor.

Despite the eccentric nature of the dress, it elicited favorable responses from fans:

“I want to buy this!”
“Am I the only one who thinks this is pretty and unique?”
“I think it’s pretty. It’s really unique.”

There were also those who had to point out that she wasn’t wearing a bra, but such comments were buried among endless admiration and praise for Sulli’s individuality.

Source: Insight