Here’s How G-Friend Trains To Make Sure They Never Mess Up Their Performances

GFRIEND’s perfectly synced choreography and flawless live didn’t come easy.

GFRIEND‘s Yuju shared on her V LIVE broadcast how GFRIEND members keep up with the intense choreography and still sound amazing when they sing!


Yuju revealed there is a secret to how GFRIEND trained, since “Glass Bead” promotions.


Yuju explained that GFRIEND trained in “sets”, consisting of 7 repeats of one song. The group would dance out the entire song 6 times in a row without stopping.


Then for the last 7th time, GFRIEND would sing it live too. And this was considered one set.


Yuju stated GFRIEND would do 3 sets a day, in the morning, afternoon, and at night.

This means GFRIEND would do the same choreography 21 times a day!


Yuju commented that after all the hard work, she is honored to have debuted and received so much love. She thanked her fans for the support.


Thanks to such an extremely intense training method, GFRIEND is perfect on every stage and absolutely adored for their amazing performances!

Watch them stay on top of their game even with their eyes closed:

Source: Dispatch