Gary’s Wife Garners Heavy Attention For Resembling A-List Actress Lim Soo Jung

Their smiles are eerily similar!

Former Running Man cast mate and Leessang member, Gary has been making headlines because of his wife’s visuals. Gary’s wife, Kim Se Eun previously garnered attention for her beautiful visuals but this time around, she is making people do a double take because of her resemblance to an A-list actress.

Gary’s wife, Kim Se Eun | @hi__seeya/Instagram

Kim Se Eun recently uploaded a series of selfies onto her personal Instagram account where she boasted her gorgeous looks for her followers. Wearing a classic trench jacket and a casual black bag, Gary’s wife really showed off her effortless beauty for all of Instagram. Her purple nails and cute phone case were adorable add-ons to the overall vibe of the photos.

| @hi__seeya/Instagram

However, after looking at her photos, her followers began to realize that Kim Se Eun’s visuals resembled a very famous South Korean actress. Upon further investigation…

| @hi__seeya/Instagram

Kim Se Eun’s followers noticed the similarities between her and and actress Lim Soo Jung!

Actress Lim Soo Jung | @soojunglim_/Instagram

Their soft dainty features, the short hair, and even their smiles resemble one another. We can totally see it!

| @soojunglim_/Instagram

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two beauties. It’s hard to deny that the two ladies definitely share some similarities with one another.

Gary’s wife Kim Se Eun (left), Lim Soo Jung (right)

What do you all think? Do you see the resemblance?

Source: WikiTree