How To Get Glowing Skin In Just Three Days, And It’s Deceptively Simple

The difference after just one day is incredible!

Glass skin” has been a beauty trend in Korea for a few years now thanks to beauty guru Ellie Choi. We previously wrote about Soo Beauty‘s tips for how to get glass skin in a hurry through clever makeup application, and we’re back again to share lifestyle vlogger Simply SSOL‘s beauty tip for how to get glass skin in three days!

Ssol shares what her face looked like before following her beauty regiment. It was a little red, but she still looked lovely.

Source: Simply SSOL/YouTube

Ssol shares that she derma rolls, and suggests applying an ampoule while you do it.

Source: Simply SSOL/YouTube

Not even 24-hours later, her skin is distinctly less red and much more glowy!

Source: Simply SSOL/YouTube

Isn’t that incredible?! Would you try derma rolling for glowy glass skin?