If Your Face Gets Puffy Easily, Try SEVENTEEN Seungkwan’s Magical “Stretching 101”

He swore it works wonders.

SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan shared his #1 beauty tip on Knowing Bros and it has all the fans trying it at home!


Seungkwan pointed out that he noticed that the show host and comedian Kang Ho Dong has a lot of puffiness in the face. He also mentioned that he wanted to come on the show specifically to help Kang Ho Dong reduce such swelling…


… and turn him into a visual god like actor Park Seo Jun!

Kang Ho Dong: So you can guarantee that I’ll look like Park Seo Jun after I do what you say?
Seungkwan: (nods enthusiastically)


Seungkwan immediately kicked of his special 1:1 lesson on “how to stretch”, to boost blood circulation to minimize swelling and puffiness. First tip, Seungkwan shared that massaging the ears gets the blood flow going.


Then, Seungkwan moved on to a slightly more invigorating stretch. He explained, “Place your hands over your chest – like you’re pulling down on it. Then lift your chin as high as you can. Pull your lips forward too, to really elongate everything.”

Keep lifting until it feels like your neck is about to rip off! This not only helps with puffiness and swelling, but it will also get rid of your chin fat.

— Seungkwan


Lastly, Seungkwan busted out the most difficult – but the most effective stretching routine to get rid of puffiness!

Get down into a side squat. Hold everything else and try to lift just your heels. Twenty times.

— Seungkwan


The hosts, seeing from how the stretch didn’t look so much like a stretch but more of a thigh workout, questioned Seungkwan on it helps with puffiness in the face. Seungkwan confidently answered that it rushes the blood flow to the lower half of the body, reducing the swelling in the face!

I learned it from my pilates instructor!

— Seungkwan


Seungkwan noted, “Try not to move any other part of the body. You’re only lifting the heels. Do 4 sets of 20 and your thighs will feel like they’ll burst.” So not only is this routine a beauty booster – it’s also a solid workout to slim the thighs! It had all the show hosts eager to slim down their jawlines…


… and we know you’re totally trying this right now too! So here’s the actual clip to walk you through it: