Photos of Geum Donghyun Protesting Against School Violence Goes Viral Online

Donghyun stood up for a good cause.

C9 Entertainment‘s Geum Donghyun gained great popularity on Mnet’s Produce X 101, and as a result, old photos of him have been circulating in online communities.

In particular, past photos of Geum Donghyun in a school protest against violence have drawn significant attention for its context as well as his different visuals.

While dressed in his school uniform, he can be seen wearing round glasses and looking absolutely adorable.

And what stands out just as much are the signs that he was holding that read, “Love friends, love school, a little interest, big strength.

Not only did he stand up for a good cause, but he looked cute doing it.

Fans who came across the photos responded with comments such as “He was different right from the start” and “I bet he was really popular among the ladies.

Source: Insight