GFRIEND Has Their Own Philosophy When it Comes To Food And They Aren’t Wrong

They sure do love their food!

GFRIEND has been known to be open about their love for food and they don’t hide it regardless of them having to maintain their figure as a K-Pop idol group. They are able to act professionally and keep their K-Pop image while still enjoying their passion for food! Let’s take a look at some fun philosophies they have regarding eating and food.


Yerin‘s dislike for vegetables can be seen here as she states she would rather fast than eat them!

She believes that getting full off of water even before eating the delicious meal is the saddest thing that can happen.


Eunha takes it even as far as saying that she would lessen her life-span by eating things that are yummy yet bad for her!

She also doesn’t understand why hamburgers need vegetables.

She is a veteran when it comes to food and knows that it’s good to try out different places rather than sticking to one.


Yuzu tries to challenge herself to try something new by eating durian and her explanation of what it tastes like is hilarious!


SinB is serious when it comes to eating late-night snacks and tells fans that there is no certain time for late-night snacks and that you should never fight your hunger.

Fans find GFRIEND’s opinions to be relatable AF and are loving their honest thoughts about food!

What do you think of GFRIEND’s philosophies on food? To be quite honest, they aren’t wrong because it’s only right to eat when you are hungry!