GFRIEND SinB and Eunha’s Friendship Go Way Back And It Shows They Were Destined To Be Together

Friends forever!

GFRIEND’s SinB and Eunha have known each other long before debut, share the same birth name, and are in the same K-Pop girl group together. If this isn’t fate than we don’t know what is!

The two knew each other as children being only one year apart in age. They both attended Krazy Dance Academy and DM Skool as well.

Below are photos of them at the dance academy at around 8-9 years old.

Here you can see them dancing together at the academy (red shirt: SinB, gray shirt: Eunha).

While they attended the same dance academy, Eunha lived in Seoul and SinB in Cheongju so if practice ended too late, SinB would sleepover at Eunha’s house.

Eunha let SinB borrow her green striped pajamas while she wore her red one as pictured below.

The fact that they also share their birth name is fun in that when the members call “Eunbi~” both of them answer at the same time!

After some time, they both went off to different agencies and began their time as trainees. They lost touch during this time until SinB’s agency Source Music had a spot open after a vocal member left the debut group.

Eunha, who was at Loen, had stopped her training due to her parent’s wishes and was back to attending a public high school. A manager who used to work at Loen before moving to Source Music contacted Eunha to come and join them.

During the meeting at Source Music, Eunha saw the name Hwang Eunbi and wondered if it was her friend. SinB also wondered the same thing and turns out, they were right!

These two little girls who dreamt of becoming an idol grew up to meet again to debut in the same group!

Now we can’t even think of not having them as part of GFRIEND! These two girls bring so much joy and happiness to the group and to their fans and we hope that they continue to grow and blossom together in their friendship.