GFRIEND’s Umji Sweetly Scolded Fans For Committing A “Crime” At ISAC

She told them to confess.

While some fans attend Idol Star Athletic Championships recordings to see their biases compete, others go to capture cute behind the scenes moments, like this one involving GFRIEND‘s Umji.


Since ISAC filming can begin early in the morning and end late at night, K-Pop groups have been known to personally prepare meals for their adoring (and hungry) fans. Distribution of these meals has to be done carefully though, otherwise there might not be enough food for everyone!

Food BTS prepared for fans in 2017.


This was once the case for GFRIEND fans, but luckily Umji was there to make sure every fan got their fair share. When Umji noticed that condiments were running low, she cutely scolded her fans by demanding to know who had taken two packs of ketchup instead of one.

She wanted the ketchup hoarders to come clean and confess!


At the end of the gif, a fan can be seen raising their hand to admit their “crime”.


This adorable incident just goes to show that fans can always count on Umji to look after them!