GFRIEND’s Yerin Shocked Fans When She Jumped Backwards Onto A Chair Without Looking

Yerin performed this stunt seamlessly.

GFRIEND performed some cover songs at their encore “Season of GFRIEND” concert and netizens are taking notice of Yerin, who stood out for not only her charisma, but some awesome chair jumping skills.


GFRIEND’s cover of Shinhwa‘s “Wild Eyes” included some of the original choreography and a concept that was completely different from their usual girl crush – which they completely slayed.


Especially Yerin, who jumped backwards onto her chair without looking, in heels!


Netizens are commenting about how cool Yerin looked while performing the song and her outstanding backwards jump.

  • “Her looks, guts and natural vibes are everything. I’ve always found her likeable but I’m really becoming her fan now.”
  • “Yerin was so cool doing backward jumping on the chair and her gesture was so seductive and swag.”
  • “Yerin you surprised me when you jumped… she is so cool, amazing.”
  • “Yerin did really well in Wild Eyes…”
  • “Oh my god that’s very dangerous but you amazingly did it Jung Yerin.”
  • “Gfriend’s bodies are no joke, she really did well this time ㅋㅋ”
  • “Yerin didn’t remove her shoes during the concert… she jumped backwards without looking… she’s got strength, looks, guts and the girl can sing.”
  • “Yerin’s JUMP. She’s so brave. You doing good girl.”
  • “Yerin jump is the best part!!”


Fans were blown away by the entire performance, including GFRIEND’s second cover, Girls’ Generation‘s “Mr Mr”.

  • “Who said Gfriend can’t do this concept? *evil laugh*”
  • “I’ve always respected them. They practice so hard and you can see the fruit of their effort.”
  • “It’s like a dream come true to see SinB singing Jessica’s part.”
  • “Seriously, they have never been unstable during their concerts. As a Buddy watching them for a long time, I find them cool.”
  • “It’s all about individual excellence, and it’s all about the right combination. Seriously, they’re great.”
  • “They really suit Shinhwa’s concept well… daebak.”
  • “I love it when Gfriend do covers, they never destroy the original they keep it tight and on point without being fancy, yet they grab your attention every time. All 6 have an aura around themselves, beautiful angels.”


Check out their cover performance below:

Source: Pann Nate