GFRIEND’s Treatment of a Disabled Fan Revealed Their True Colors

GFRIEND made special memories with a disabled fan during a fan sign.

GFRIEND proved that they really are angels in disguise when they created special memories with a disabled fan.


GFRIEND met the fan in Incheon on May 19, during at a fan sign event to promote their sixth mini-album, Time for the Moonlight. 


Normally at these events, fans come up onto the stage to interact with idols and receive autographs. For this particular fan that wasn’t possible due to his wheelchair, so GFRIEND gave him the VIP treatment!


Right after GFRIEND finished their introductory greeting, and before they invited fans up to the stage, the members went over to say hello to the disabled fan.

The members were all smiles as talked to the fan and listened attentively to what he had to say.


Afterward, they took a selfie to commemorate the meeting!

Neither the fan nor GFRIEND will ever forget that moment!


All of the girls were incredibly kind and generous with their time, but Umji was especially talkative.


This isn’t the first time GFriend has shown special love for their disabled fans. Last year, fans captured SinB taking selfies with this fan.

Maybe GFRIEND should change their name to “ANGELS”!


Check out the full fan sign even here:

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