GFRIEND’s Yuju Makes Fans Gasp In Awe Of Her Flexibility While Quarantined

Maybe it will serve as motivation for you to get more flexible during this time too!

While many people are frustrated and upset that many places they go to regularly to exercise, such as gyms and parks, are currently closed and inaccessible due to the coronavirus outbreak, some people are getting creative with their workouts – including K-Pop idols!

GFRIEND members are known for their incredible dance skills, which require a lot of strength and flexibility, so it wouldn’t be good for them to lose their abilities while staying at home. And one member is showing that COVID-19 isn’t stopping her from staying fit!

Yuju was recently featured in a couple of videos posted on the group’s official Instagram, showing some stretches she’s working on while stuck at home. And they’re not just regular stretches — they’re a feat of her incredible flexibility!

One video shows her performing a series of various impressive arm stands against the wall, while the second one shows her seemingly defying gravity by holding herself up in a doorway with just her back and foot positioned carefully on the frame. The caption of the post reads “Try this Like Yuju! Stay healthy at home :D”.

Hopefully this sneak peak into GFRIEND’s members lives can help inspire you to stay active while going through quarantine yourself!