(G)I-DLE’s Soojin Puts on a Legendary Performance with Her Stunning Figure and Mind-Blowing Moves

Her figure though…

(G)I-DLE recently performed at a campus festival at Sungkyunkwan University where they heated up the stage with a spectacular performance of their hit song, “Senorita”.

What particularly caught the attention of fans was Soojin, who performed while wearing an off-the-shoulder t-shirt and a jean skirt that seriously showed off her stunning figure.

In addition to her gorgeous outfit, Soojin also put her hair up in a ponytail in order to show off her beautiful collarbone.

While dancing to the intense choreography, Soojin managed to flaunt her long limbs and thin waist that complimented her amazing dancing ability.

Soojin is certainly an absolute beauty, but she’s particularly known for her outstanding moves, and she made sure to let that show in this legendary performance.

Check out Soojin’s unbelievable figure and killer moves in the close-up cam footage below:

Source: Insight