(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon Proves She’s A Great Leader By Firing Up Her Team

She’s a great leader!

During this week’s result for Queendom, (G)I-DLE were ranked last during the second evaluation stage despite how well-loved their performance of 2NE1‘s “Fire” was. It was an unexpected drop, as the girls were ranked first during the first evaluations.

During their interview portion, the girls were seen looking nervous and disappointed, though they tried hard to keep a smile.

Soyeon, their leader, decided to fire up her team members by showing off her fiery passion. Instead of being downcast, she says,

What do I do? My passion is burning even more now!

As the members start to laugh, she continues by saying,

We will do better in the next rounds and show a cooler side. We will get first place for the next stage!

Because of her passionate energy, the members all started smiling and clapping. From a downcast atmosphere, Soyeon successfully created a dedicated energy in the room. Many were impressed with how Soyeon managed to cheer up her members, with people agreeing that she is the perfect leader.

Source: Pann