Gifs of EXO members playing with a mysterious object on stage goes viral

During one of EXO‘s concerts, the members found a mysterious yellow object and hilarity ensued.

The item turned out to be extremely elastic and Baekhyun became a force to be reckoned with as he started to enthusiastically twirl it around.

He seemed to have channeled his inner karate kid and luckily no one was nearby to get hit by this stretchy weapon.

Even the straight-faced D.O. joined in on the fun as he and Chanyeol treated the object like a jump rope. D.O. unexpectedly released it, hitting Chanyeol, who proceeded to collapse onto his knees in laughter. D.O. is quite the multitasker as he was doing all this while singing.

D.O. was rather fond of the article as he refused to share with the others; eagerly walking away and shaking it, while ignoring Chanyeol who was beside him.

It would be interesting to find out if the item survived the roughhousing play from the group!

Source: Instiz