This girl is considered the most beautiful student in Korea’s top Girls’ School

This Ewha University student has been going viral for her stunning visuals.

Ewha Women’s University is known for its beautiful campus as well as its beautiful students. This particular student, however, has been gaining a lot of attention due to her idol like features. She is apparently a model for the university and many are claiming she is the most beautiful student that attends the school!

Many are comparing her to famous idols such as actress Gong Seungyeon, F(x)’s Krystal, and even Davinchi members. Her university photos seem so professional that they look similar to girl group teaser photos!

This student’s idol like features are have gotten her attention but, her casual photos are impressive as well! Her flawless skin, smooth hair, doe eyes, and overall natural beauty prove how she is a top visual of the school.

 Sources: Instiz