This Girl Has Been Drawing Idols For Years, Here’s How Good She’s Gotten

This Korean student has received mountains of praise after uploading her lifelike drawings to the popular Korean message board, Pann.

They say that practice makes perfect and this Korean student’s drawings are certainly proof positive. Ji Ye Cheon has been uploading her drawings of famous people and characters since grade 6 and she gets better with each post.

These pictures were drawn during her sixth year of elementary school:

f(x)’s Krystal

An amazing sketch of Elsa and Anna.

A year later, in her first year of middle school, she drew and uploaded this amazing colored picture of Seventeen‘s Woozi.

Throughout her second year of middle school, she began to show rapid improvement.

BTS Suga.

These are her most recent drawings showing just how much she has improved since elementary school.

With plenty of time to improve, we can’t wait to see how her drawings look in the future!

Source: Pann