This Girl Group Member Transforms into a Glamorous Goddess Just by Putting on a Swimsuit

Her figure is unreal…

In recent days, Blah Blah‘s Seolhwa and the unbelievable figure she shows off whenever she wears a swimsuit has been a hot topic of conversation in online communities.

Seolhwa, who is 167 centimeters tall, has long arms and legs and a small face that make her look like a gorgeous model.

On top of that, Seolhwa also has a thin neckline and broad shoulders that compliment her beautiful face even more.

What really stands out is the unrealistically thin waist she flaunts along with curves that are not commonly seen among Korean idols.

Thanks to her absolutely stunning body-line, she’s capable of pulling off just about any outfit, and it’s hard not to ignore how much she shines in a swimsuit.

Check out some more gorgeous shots of Seolhwa below:

Source: Insight