This Girl Group Member Confused Fans by Pulling out a Flip Phone at the Airport

Where do you even get a flip phone nowadays?

A post titled, “Celebrity Pulls off Flip Phone Perfectly” has received overwhelming attention in online communities.

The post consists of photos of FANATICSDoah at the airport looking absolutely dazzling in a school uniform and backpack.

But what drew just as much attention as her beauty was the phone that she was holding, which was a flip phone that can’t be easily found nowadays.

Doah was spotted casually speaking to someone on her flip phone, and she looked so good with it that while fans were confused about where she got that phone, they were probably looking to buy one of their own at the same time.

The way she pulled it off in her school uniform almost made her look like a beautiful heir from one of the older dramas.

Fans who saw this post responded with comments such as “She makes the flip phone look so good“, “I suddenly want to use a flip phone again“, and “I use a flip phone, too, but I don’t look that good“.