Famous Girl Group Member Takes Public Transport Because No One Recognizes Her

It’s been 8 years since her debut, but she can still use public transport.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Sensible Adult Life, AOA‘s Chanmi revealed that she still takes public transport and that no one recognizes her.

On the show, Chanmi confessed that she attends her work activities by taking the bus or subway.

And when she sat on the bus, she blended in well with the rest of the crowd, and she looked comfortable as if she was used to taking it in her daily life.

When asked about whether or not people recognized her when she took public transport, Chanmi gave an honest answer.

I’ve never been recognized even once since my debut. I don’t even have to cover my face with a mask.

– Chanmi

Although Chanmi debuted with AOA 8 years ago and is still active to this day, she’s surprisingly not recognized enough to be limited to a very private lifestyle.


That doesn’t mean she’s not loved and admired as an idol though!

She just gets to have the best of both worlds!


Source: Insight